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WorkSource says...Our doors may be closed but we are still available.

KEPR News, Wednesday, March 18

On Tuesday, employment specialists at Worksource Columbia Basin in Kennewick found out they, too, were closing up shop. But operations manager Crystal Bright says all is not lost.

"Our doors may be closed to the public but we're still available through phone and email," she says.

Bright says information about layoffs, job-searches, and even resume critiques are all online.

LINK: Worksource Washington State

"We recognize that you may not be ready for that until you know your family is taken care of," she says. "So, there are community services out there."

Services helping folks that are finding themselves somewhere they never planned.

Bright says the Worksource website will soon have virtual workshops and other services to make up for their doors being closed.

She says folks without internet service or a computer at home can head to Columbia Basin College; for now their library is staying open.

"There are community services out there including the Benton-Franklin Redbook that goes through different resources depending on your needs," Bright says. "Also, remember that 2-1-1 is available as always."

LINK: Benton-Franklin Redbook - Neighbors helping neighbors

She says folks don't need to worry about being left to fend for themselves, even if they can't drop by in person.

"We're still strong," she says. "We're still in your corner and you're not alone."

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