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Benton-Franklin Workforce Development Council has strict standards for the use of its logo and tagline; below are the logo guidelines, correct tagline, and appropriate color scheme. These guidelines are not an approval of the use of the Benton-Franklin Workforce Development Council logo, please send approval requests to:

Two versions of the Benton-Franklin Workforce Development Council logo have been created. The “Stacked Centered” version is the preferred layout. The alternate version "side by side" can be used in circumstances where the “Stacked Centered” logo layout is compromised.


The logo should appear on a white background whenever possible. Busy background patterns should be avoided. Wherever the logo is used, the following tagline must be included.


Tagline: The Benton-Franklin Workforce Development Council is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Washington Relay Service: 711


DO NOT copy and paste the logos contained within this web page, instead, click on the button below to download a complete archive of hi-resolution Benton-Franklin Workforce Development Council logos.


The grayscale logo is to be used in applications where the usage of color is prohibited and grayscale artwork is required.

To save the logo sets, open up the Word Document, right click on the picture and click 'Save As'. PNG format is preferred.

Clearance Space

Proper clearance space around the logo is important to retain clarity. Clearance space is determined by the proportional height of the (B in Benton) text as indicated. Keep note that nothing should obscure the height of the cable bridge and that the distance on the top should start from the top of the cable bridge. Picture attached for clarification.

Unacceptable Layouts

The logo layout cannot be altered from the defined “SidebySide” and “Stacked Centered” standards. Consistent layout is needed to maintain a cohesive and communicative brand.

Unacceptable Sizing

The logo must be scaled proportionally when sized. Any stretching or skewing of the logo is prohibited.

Minimum Size

The minimum size protects the legibility of the logo. The logo should not be used smaller than the indicated 1.5” width.

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