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New WA Cares Exemption Categories

Beginning January 1, 2023, Washington workers may be eligible for an exemption from WA Cares if any of the following apply to them:

· They live outside of Washington.

· They are the spouse or registered domestic partner of an active-duty service member of the United States armed forces.

· They have non-immigrant work visas.

· They are veterans with a 70% service-connected disability rating or higher.

Workers will only qualify for these exemptions as long as these circumstances apply. If workers no longer qualify for their exemption, they will be required to notify ESD and their employer within 90 days. Exception: Veterans with a 70% service-connected disability rating or higher will receive a permanent exemption.

Already exempt? If you applied for a permanent private insurance exemption by Dec. 31, 2022, and were approved, you are still exempt and do not need to re-apply for exemption. You can download a copy of your exemption letter from the Secure Access Washington account you used to apply for the exemption.

Questions about exemptions? Visit for more information or to apply for an exemption.

What is WA Cares Fund? WA Cares Fund is the state’s new long-term care insurance program. It is an earned benefit to ensure Washingtonians can access long-term care when they need it. Employers will start collecting premiums from employees beginning July 1, 2023.

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