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Governor's Meeting

We were proud and honored to meet with Governor Jay Inslee today! As part of the Poverty Reduction Plan. Jamilet Nerell, Community Programs Manager leading the local Economic Security for All (EcSA) Program, presented at the Washington State Public Performance Review– Economic Recovery Post Covid-19 meeting. This meeting is a monthly meeting with the Governor where leaders, agency experts, and community members can discuss project updates. This month's discussion focused on:

• Cross-agency project tied to the Governor's priorities;

• Hear from those impacted by the project – those with lived experiences and those who are customers and process partners in the community;

• Engage in discussions and problem-solving on these complex topics.

Jamilet provided an overview of the EcSA program models and shared a participant success story to showcase how our local EcSA Program helps individuals and families move out of poverty.

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