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Have Your Say: Comment on the Benton-Franklin Workforce Development Council's 4-Year Strategic Plan!

The BFWDC recognizes the importance of public review and comment, especially when it pertains to an important document like the 4-year Regional and Local Workforce Plan!

Please provide your review and feedback by the deadline of March 31st, 2024 by emailing

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The plan is very detailed. I appreciate the information share. As a community member I am excited to see this kind of action and conversation happening.

I note that the lean is heavily on business need over people needs when the trend seems to be that putting people first is what lifts the business (page 27). Even the goals on page 31 and 32 lean toward business over people and community.

As an executive leadership coach, my experience has taught me that if you learn to people better you end up with more business in your business and more life in your life - which is reinforced with your own analytics around which companies grew during the pandemic and shifted…

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