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  • Labor & Industries Crime Victims Program: Some of you may be aware L&I has a Crime Victims program for people who have sustained a physical injury or mental health trauma as a result of a gross misdemeanor or felony crime in Washington State. You can find benefits and criteria for eligibility here.

  • Have you been trying to apply for unemployment and having troubles? We know that you may be frustrated, but rest assured, the Employment Security Department is doing everything they can to help you. They have assured us that the money will not run out. You will get your unemployment. See below for four very important facts that might help.

  • We have heard from the Employment Security Department that, despite tremendous efforts to increase their capacity for high demand, some people are still having challenges getting through online or on the phone. While the system is working and tens of thousands of people have successfully applied on Sunday alone, we encourage people to try at off-hours or later in the week. Once approved, people will be paid retroactive to their date of eligibility and funds are taking an average of 7-10 days and as little as 24-48 hours with direct deposit.

  • The funds for unemployment benefits will not run out. We have heard that some people are concerned that, if they don’t apply right away, they will miss out on their benefits. That is not the case. Whenever people apply, they will be paid the full amount for which they are eligible and they will be paid retroactive to the date of their eligibility.

  • Weekly claims can be filed anytime from Sunday through Saturday and can also be filed over the automated phone system at: 800-318-6022.

  • Many people are posting questions on social media that are answered on the website. Please be sure to check first before calling/sending in a note with your questions because it’s like to already be up there.

  • Employment Security Department (ESD): For additional information on ESD expanded benefits for workers impacted- see who qualifies for specific benefits.


  • Labor& Industries: Workers' Compensation Coverage and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Common Questions


  • WorkSource Columbia Basin: location and services


  • TC Futures: location and services for youth. E-services provided by staff (staff can also be reached through email and phone calls). Active customers may contact their employment specialists directly to arrange for continued services. Kim Hamann - 537-1717 or Marla McMackin - 537-1716 or Aaron Desrochers - 537-1715 or /Mara Zaragoza -

Spanish Resources:

         (video is from 2018)


         (handbook was published in 2017)

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